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The Beach, Fleet Week and a Horse Named Sebastian

Oh, Coney Island.  Despite the sometimes unsavory sand-side neighbor or two (or group of teenagers) the place still has its charms.   Like when you’re minding your own business, quietly reading a JFK biography and suddenly some nearby roughhousing –  involving throwing a kicking and screaming girl into the water – exposes a breast.  And at the same moment a helicopter appears, flying very low, and the people on the beach are momentarily torn between which is more exciting to look at.   For me, it was the chopper.  With my neighborhood plagued by excessive helicopter noise, I hope sharing it will cathartically help me appreciate the machine for its ability to spot distressed swimmers and not hate it for the otherwise constant disruption of my quality of life at home.

Later, after finding a great parking space and waiting on multiple lines in the unseasonable swelter to get on the Intrepid’s pier, I enjoyed some swing dancing.

I walked to the end of the pier and took in the sights, including the Concorde. Much like the Mona Lisa, it is remarkably smaller in real life.  The people-watching was mostly tourists and military recruiters, so I stood along the railing and got my lean on.   To my left appeared this dynamic duo, and when they bounced away in their freaky future shoes, I just had to capture the absurdity.   Although, as life did not loan me the body of a leggy French supermodel, I am quite curious what it would be like to be that tall in a crowd.  Perhaps then I would not be so uncomfortable in crowds? Noted, and please take a moment to imagine me at a concert at Summerstage in Central Park sporting these contraptions, a unitard, and holding a lighter.

In addition to Army recruiters there were also seamen helping children make little boats…

And then they showed them how they control the weather using a pool and fans.

After I got too hot on the pier, I made my way to Times Square with my camera (since I was in the area).  It was such a nice afternoon! While crossing 10th Avenue I heard a horse in distress, and I looked around.  I saw a mounted officer talking to some Marines on the corner as they waited to cross, and continued on.  After making my way across the avenue, I heard the whinny again and looked around.  I found this horse tied against the fence, and he was really anxious.  (Of course) he had seen his stable mate down the way and was calling out, wanting to “join the herd”.  I calmed him down, hung out with him, and went to a bar to get a container of water for him.  I spent an hour alone with a horse today, and it was very good for my soul.  I love New York.  And horses.



NEW YORK — Across the country as people react in stunned disbelief after receiving news of the untimely passing of “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson, the eclectic cast of the Sunday Show have vowed to gather their strength, faith and courage: after all, the show must go on. The highly-anticipated performance, scheduled to take place June 28th at 10pm at The Slipper Room (167 Orchard Street) in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, will likely pay tribute to “Jacko” in addition to the production’s June performance theme of Coney Island, Gay Pride and the “Rites of Summer”. The Sunday Show takes place the last Sunday of every month through August.

In an official statement, The Sunday Show’s creator Kiki Valentine admires that Jackson remained in touch with his inner child despite a difficult childhood of his own, saying, “In the spirit of places like Coney Island, Neverland Ranch and circuses around the globe throughout history, Michael reminded us of the importance of the preservation of our youth and the joy, wonder and amazement that can be a part of our everyday lives through art, music and dance. Outside of the fantasy, vulnerability, scandal and life ‘under the microscope’ we must inadvertently commit to when opening ourselves up to share our ideas, dreams and talent with the public as artists, Michael Jackson lived an extraordinary life. His legendary career spanning four decades touched the lives of millions the world over through music, charitable acts and love. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and fans who love and will miss him.” Cast member Queen LaQueefa demonstrated a memorable tribute to Jackson in the show’s April installation but could not be immediately reached for comment.