Music Video Shot In Coney Island: MINK’s “Get It Right”

“The music video I co-produced with the band MINK for the Japanese release of their single “Get It Right” was inspired by a lot of different things, but most importantly a mutual appreciation for the visual aesthetic of Brooklyn, namely Coney Island.  With the help of an incredibly talented team, I was easily able to fulfill and expand upon the band’s vision and concept while adhering to the budget and deadlines Takeout Marketing set in place. The wardrobe I created and selected reflect the bright colors and circus sideshow-feeling found in Coney Island.  This worked very well with the physical comedy and action sequences with the characters; all of it is just over-the-top.  I spent many late nights as a child sneaking into the living room while my grandmother slept to watch Benny Hill, and I think that influence is reflected in part in this piece.”

-Kiki Valentine, Producer

“The video for “Get It Right” was inspired by The Beatles “Help” and a Japanese show I watched as a kid called Monkey Magic. It was also an extension of what we did in MINK TV in that we wanted to use Iconic NY locations such as the Coney Island Boardwalk. We shot the clip during a minus zero winter’s day and nearly froze our bits off in those tights, but it was all worth it. Scarlett Johansson was one of the many perplexed onlookers that day as we chased each other around Coney Island & Dumbo. The video was self produced and created with some help from our good friends Kiki Valentine & Jerimah Alexis.”

-Stella Mozgawa, Drummer


And here is a small glimpse into the making of the hit video.

It is all sort of bittersweet as I perfectly executed my goal to capture the visual aesthetic of Astroland Park yet, sadly, we shot this just in time: the iconic Astroland Rocket is now gone. When I heard the rocket needed to find a new home I immediately contacted writer Justin Rocket Silverman and am happy to see that noted the witticism generated by my action. Meanwhile the vibrant Astroland Park, according to, is closed “until further notice”, however according to recent reports from The Daily News, the historical park will in fact reopen…in Australia.

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