Susan, we love you.  Just look at that smile.  But imagine not having any teeth.  Show Brooklyn some love on Saturday?

Jamie was hit by a drunk driver in 1995 and lost most of his teeth.  Since then, it has been a difficult road to pearly whites, so he has challenged the public to a ping pong game during his 15-hour attempt to raise $35,000 to have a normal mouth again.  He’s a really nice guy and I have known him for a few years now.  Despite missing his teeth, he is always smiling.  Even the Gothamist comments have been kind, and I know you might remember when some jerk called me a “slutmuffin” for riding the subway and helping people in my spare time (it was at that moment I heeded your advice to “never read the comments”).

Please help Jamie get teeth on Saturday! Donate via PayPal here, or come to B61.

Do the right thing.

Jamie’s challenge

More information and gory stitches picture


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