Here I am on Good Day New York with the Service Specialists and Rosanna Scotto.

And here is the link straight from FOX.

And the video captured on
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  1. Why is it so hard for the MTA to turn a profit? I remember when the MTA was caught a few years ago keeping two sets of books, one to show the public and a secret version showing they had a surplus of cash. So why would I believe the MTA now? I have lived in New York since 2001 since then the only noticeable difference I have seen in the subways are the led signs on the L line, the elimination of the token, the fare hikes up to soon to be $2.50 and the elimination of tellers. So where does all of the MTA’s money go? I think the MTA board should be made to go the way of Rick Wagoner. In this new economic reality can we continue to fund this type of ruthless corruption? My answer is no if you feel the same way contact you representative. It only takes a few minutes to jot off an email to say Charles Rangel and that email will do more than a lifetime of talking to people that can’t do anything about it.

  2. kristine4president

    MTA STATEMENT “They should be thanking our legal dept for the free publicity! Yes, we have asked them to make some changes to their web site, but we encourage everyone to be friendly on our trains and buses. If they’re as good as they say, perhaps we should send them to Albany to help convince our legislators to support the transit system.”

  3. The Fair Sharer

    It’s interesting that the interviewer had so much difficulty comprehending your motivation, since “it doesn’t pay the bills.” What a narrow way to look at our work. I feel sure you get great satisfaction from providing much-needed service (and smiles) on the subways.

    And it’s too bad that what’s-his-name felt the need to play “gotcha” with his request for directions. Few people can navigate all parts of the system without reference to a map, which only highlights the need for service specialists.

  4. MTA should be thanking the grrrls! So send ’em to Albany for legislation support. Kristine for President!!

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